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Who is Wild Drawing aka WD?

Wild Drawing aka WD is a very famous street artist born in Bali, Indonesia, who has studied art and is a graduate in both  Fine Arts and  Applied Arts. He started his urban artist career in the 2000’s and from that time he spends most of his time  painting in the streets all around the world, working also in his workshop.
WD has carried out solo exhibitions, and participated in group shows or graffiti/street art festivals, in Asia, Europe and America.

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Συνέντευξη με τον street artist Wild Drawing /

Το έργο του Wild Drawing έγινε γνωστό στο ευρύ κοινό πέρυσι το φθινόπωρο όταν έγινε viral η περίφημη τοιχογραφία με την κουκουβάγια που δημιούργησε στην πρόσοψη ενός εγκαταλειμμένου σπιτιού στο Μεταξουργείο.

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WD's "Knowledge speaks - Wisdom listens" top of 10+ Incredible Before & After Street Art transformations that'll make you say Wow /

Look around you. The world is full of empty canvases. Everywhere you turn are empty walls where beautiful pieces of art could be, but often these spaces are overlooked in favor of boring blank nothingness. But fortunately for us there are artists out there who are determined to transform our world into the vibrant public art gallery that it deserves to be. Take a look at these before and after pictures of spectacular street art to see what we mean. Compiled by Bored Panda, the gallery below serves to remind us of what our towns and cities could look like if only we used our imagination. Don't forget to vote for the best!

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WD's latest mural in Athens "Knowledge speaks - Wisdom listens" goes viral

Owl symbolizes wisdom and at the same time is a symbol of the goddess Athena, the one that gave her name to the city of Athens. From the other hand owl as bird, is famous for its exceptionally good far vision, particularly in low light. Nowadays Greece, and not only, is experiencing a really dark phase and I think is time for people in Greece and around the globe, to recall this creature's wisdom.

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WD Solo Show Late Night Tale / Sarri12 Gallery Athens Greece, March-April 2016

WD Solo Show Late Night Tale attempts a second narration of the infamous tale Alice in Wonderland. The fully painted space has been transformed to the Woundedland, which visualizes WD's idea about social-political phenomena and issues like consumerism, war, refugeeism and nature destruction among others. Phenomena that every human being experiencing today, as we are all part of the global era. In a 350 m² painting and through a radical view, Wild Drawing with his East-West cultural background combined in a unique way, is calling us to join him in Woundedland. Enjoy the trip! 
Curated by NojNop 

Late Night Tale in numbers: 14 days of painting - 350 m² of painted surfaces - 41 days show duration - 2.500 visitors 

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Wild Drawing paints a new mural in Athens "No land for the Poor"

The title is "No Land for the Poor" and it is inspired by the Eurozone crisis and its impact on Greek people.
This mural, as it is written, is dedicated to the Poor and Homeless in Greece and around the Globe. Why our society always ignores Poor or Homeless people? They are not invisible, they are there...on our way home.

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