Interview with Wild Drawing /

Who is Wild Drawing aka WD?

Wild Drawing aka WD is a very famous street artist born in Bali, Indonesia, who has studied art and is a graduate in both  Fine Arts and  Applied Arts. He started his urban artist career in the 2000’s and from that time he spends most of his time  painting in the streets all around the world, working also in his workshop.
WD has carried out solo exhibitions, and participated in group shows or graffiti/street art festivals, in Asia, Europe and America.

Συνέντευξη με τον Street Artist Wild Drawing /

Το έργο του Wild Drawing έγινε γνωστό στο ευρύ κοινό πέρυσι το φθινόπωρο όταν έγινε viral η περίφημη τοιχογραφία με την κουκουβάγια που δημιούργησε στην πρόσοψη ενός εγκαταλειμμένου σπιτιού στο Μεταξουργείο.