TimeHole WIP & interview / video by Art in Progress

Video compilation by Bored Panda, 2019

Video compilation by Now I've Seen Everything, 2019

Heirs of Fire, Natural History Museum Basel Switzerland 2017

Four Elements, Athens Greece 2017

Time Hole, Patras Greece 2018 / video by Art In Progress

Pianist's room, Sala Sweden 2018

Give Peace a chance, Athens Greece 2016 / video by Antonis Theodoridis

Helper, Athens Greece 2017

Lens, Ljusdal Sweden 2018 / video by Andreas Fransson

The Griffin, Arvika Sweden 2017

The Heirs of Fire - WD solo show, Basel Switzerland 2017

Knowledge speaks - Wisdom listens, Athens Greece 2016

Stairway to Hell, Ikaria isl. Greece 2016

WD street art Solo Show Late Night Tale, Athens 2016, 14 days of painting - 350 m² of painted surfaces - 2.360 visitors

What if I fall? But imagine, what if you fly? Athens Greece 2015

Fall in rEVOLution, Athens Greece 2013