Four Ele­ments, Athens Greece 2017

Time Hole, Patras Greece 2018 /​video by Art In Progress

Pianist’s room, Sala Swe­den 2018

Give Peace a chance, Athens Greece 2016 /​video by Anto­nis Theodoridis

House of Venom, Athens Greece 2017

Helper, Athens Greece 2017

Lens, Ljus­dal Swe­den 2018 /​video by Andreas Fransson

The Grif­fin, Arvika Swe­den 2017

The Heirs of Fire — WD solo show, Basel Switzer­land 2017

Knowl­edge speaks — Wis­dom lis­tens, Athens Greece 2016

Stair­way to Hell, Ikaria isl. Greece 2016

WD street art Solo Show Late Night Tale, Athens 2016, 14 days of paint­ing — 350 m² of painted sur­faces — 2.500 visitors

What if I fall? But imag­ine, what if you fly? Athens Greece 2015

Fall in rEVOLution

The video of the mural “Fall in rEV­O­Lu­tion”, Athens Greece 2013in​sta​gram​.com/​w​d​_​w​i​l​d​d​r​a​w​i​n​g

Δημοσιεύτηκε από WD street art στις Παρασκευή, 27 Νοεμβρίου 2015

Fall in rEV­O­Lu­tion, Athens Greece 2013